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YuLiang Liu  劉·昱良   is a Berlin - based multidisciplinary visual artist whith a unique approach on digital photography and its manipulation. Originally from Taiwan, Liu only started discovering his own ways of expression after his relocation to the German capital in 2015.  

Liu’s educational backgroung is in the field of Architecture where he is a holder of a post-professional Master Degree from the TungHaai University in Taiwan. Shortly after his graduation, signs were already pointing towards a bright future, including partnerships whith leaders off the industry such as “ARCHIMAN Architects” (Shanghai, China) and “ROEWU Architecture” (London, UK). Liu also briefly served as Teaching Assistant for 3D Softwares in Columbia University (UK), before making the leap to a more creative direction.

By 2016, Liu started circulating the global art scene and had the pleasure of collaborating with prominent figures of the community including Ryan Pflugger (NYC) and Florian Hetz (BLN). It was a year later (2017), when he decided to direct his own vision and apply to that all the technical experience he had acquire earlier in his life. Heavily inspired and influenced by the golden art periods of Renaisance, Baroque, and Roccoco, Liu started his journey with selfportraits, depicting himself as widely-known characters inside classical paintings. Liu’s first collections are fascinating combinations of his Asian descent,  Europe’s artistic heritage, and an admirable balance between masculinity and feminity.

On December 2017 YuLiang was granted a feature in the cover page of Siegessaule Magazine, Germany’s leading  platform in culture. In just one year of being a freelance artist Liu has participated in an abundance of group exhibitions and publications - “Extasis” in Bogota Colombia, Palazzo Monti in Brescia Italy, ADVOCATE & PORNCEPTUAL magazines to name just a few. In 2018 Liu hosted his first solo show in Soho House Berlin having being invited as a special guest artist. Later that  year, his tribute collection to Tom of Finland’s legacy was exhibited in Munich and Berlin, and published as part of an international erotic art book titled “My Gay Eye | Mein Schwules Auge” (curated by Rinaldo Hopf and Fedya Ili). In the publication one can find works of the the infamous Bruce LaBruce, EVA & ADELE, Helmut Roottgen, and Rudiger Trautsch among a variety of great contemporaty artists. Part of Liu’s five-piece collection is owned by and permanently exhibited in the Tom of Finland Foundation HQ located in Los Angeles California, US.

In 2021 Liu is strongly advocating the importance of cryptoart and its endless potentials for creators economy while investing in his first drop on the NFT* market.

*Non Fungible Tokens

(Biography by Alex Aravantinos, Curator)


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